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Our concept, our theme, our atmosphere, if you will, is


Each artist has their own perceptions, ideas, notions, feelings and thoughts on this vast subject matter...











A History: As Told by DJ Amar

It started with a blue-haired girl from DC, a DJ, a drummer and a couple of the bay area's proponents of the Gothic Belly Dance scene.

In the summer of '06, shortly after meeting Mavi at a Tribal Belly Dance festival, Amar saw a post on tribe and received an email from the said blue-haired girl about coming to California that November and wondering if there were any shows around that time that she could go to. Both Amar and Tempest replied and began discussing putting together a 'little' show in Oakland. Amar emailed a rather large group of dancers, figuring maybe 20-30% would be available and say yes. Oops! It turned out Every Single dancer he contacted said yes, and we had a potential show that was too big for the original little dive bar show we had in mind.

Later that summer, on a trip to Portland, Amar and Ariellah met at a dark fusion belly dance show that they were both performing at. Shortly after returning, Tempest mentioned bringing Ariellah in to put on the show together. How could that be a bad idea? Ariellah graciously agreed. We added Sooozhyq to the production team and began planning the show, booked the Oakland Metro and came up with the title "Shadowdance".

The first show was a sold-out success and an amazing night. We decided to do another the following year, which was just as amazing with completely new performances that were out of this world. 2007 added workshops and vendors to the mix. 2008 kicked it up another notch with a spectacular new venue, 2 rooms, theater shows and sideshows, midnight gallery, fire, an elixir bar and more. Ariellah and Amar produced Shadowdance 2008 together at Orbis Nex.

After 3 years of pouring their hearts into these spectacular shows, Ariellah and Amar's schedules called for a break to focus on touring and other creative projects, as well as Ariellah's marriage to Bruce.

Shadowdance 2006 created and co-produced by DJ Amar, Ariellah, Sooozhyq & Tempest Performers: Mavi, Shawna Rai, Unmata, Zoe Jakes, Frederique, Clandestine, Tanja Odzak, Ariellah, Tempest DJ Amar with Sooozhyq, Kush Arora, DJ Layla, Mara Ann & DJ Traffic Zen Mystic on lighting & visuals, Cindy as stage manager, Photography by Brad Dosland.

Shadowdance 2007 Co-produced by Ariellah, Amar, Freyja & Sooozhyq Performers: Unmata, Romka, Sashi, Mitara, Ariellah, Freyja, Aixela, Lapsus, Anaar, Erebus Lavoie, Electric Vardo Live with DJ Amar + Haven on Trapeze, Auberon, Mavi, Cera & Sooozhyq DJ Amar, DJ Decay, MC Badger, Cliff Tune on visuals, Little Boy Blue as Stage Manager, Photography by Brad Dosland

Shadowdance 2008 Co-produced by Ariellah & Amar Performers: SHARON KIHARA, SAMANTHA RIGGS with JOSEPHINE, ARIELLAH, FREDERIQUE, MIRA BETZ, VORONA, FREYJA, AMAR, AUBERON, MITARA, SINA of Desert Sin, SA'ELAYSSA & Elysium Dance Theater, SUPER KATE, ALYSSUM POHL, CoRE, AIXELA, ANAAR, SHAHLAH SUTRA, NISHA, JENNIFER FAUST, PERILIUM, DESHRET DANCE COMPANY, Electric Vardo Live with blackhoodygrrl & Surprise Guests (Auberon, Mitara, Mira Betz, Vorona, Frederique, Freyja, Samantha Riggs & Josephine) DJ Amar, DJ Decay, Little Boy Blue as stage manager, Video by Miranda Mar, photography by Brad Doslansd

Shadowdance 2009 Ariellah gets married Co-produced by Ariellah & Bruce Performers: Ariellah & Bruce


In 2010, Ariellah takes the reigns and brings back Shadowdance bigger and DARKER than ever.

Shadowdance 2010
Produced by Ariellah
Performers: Black HoodyGirl, Anaar, Soriah, Obsidia, Natalie Nayun, Lisa Hyde, Tanja Odzak, Crystal Silmi, Diva and the Dancer, Suhaila Salimpour Dance Company, Cirkus of Eternal Night, Folley's Fable Puppets, Nagasita, Deshret Dance Company, Eerie De Scent, Jill Parker, Aixela, Fat Chance Belly Dance, Kamille, Jodi Waseca, Nisha, and DJ Melting Girl and DJ Decay...

To view all performers from ShadowDance 2011 to present, go  HERE. 

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