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~ Soriah ~

Soriah, which translates as "Pleiades" in Arabic, is the stage persona for the internationally recognized artist, Enrique Ugalde. Soriah’s craft is a blending of traditional Khöömei (Tuvan Throat Singing), tempered with Soriah’s own visceral force. Performances vary from being steeped in tradition and bound to its constructs to more experimental fascinations with electronic and acoustic accompaniments, and introducing Butoh and Ritual Performance Art. Soriah’s use of Khöömei as a transportive medium is an offering to nature in her own tongue, that of organic sound whether it be wind, water or the mimicry of animals. Soriah takes an annual sabbatical to Tuva to study with various masters and to compete. The 2008 Fifth Quinquennial Ethnomusicology Symposium, “Khöömei: The Cultural Phenomenon of Central Asia”, has honored Enrique Ugalde, “Third Place”, the highest a non-native to Tuva has yet placed. The Üstüü-Khüree Festival awarded him “Best Foreigner” for their 2008 selection. The rest of the year Soriah travels the globe with extended tours performing in various cities and enclaves of Japan, crooning in the cathedrals and ruins of Mexico, and intoning in ocean caves and amidst the swamplands of America. The artist has been invited to perform at society events such as The 2009 Peace Ball in Washington, D.C. for Obama’s inauguration, and by brigand artist elites, to sing at various installations of note at the Burning Man Festival. One becomes encased in an awe-laced ceremonial pallor while in attendance at a Soriah performance. A deep spiritualism imbues each piece performed, whether entirely traditional or exhibiting a fusion of music, movement and meditation that Soriah describes as Vocalized Ritual Drone.

~ Aixela ~

Anathematic rituals of the Opiatic Queen. A performance of the sacred and the profane. Vicious acts for furious desires, and forbidden exorcisms by firelight. AIXELA is choreographed by Zaskia Morgan and Patricia Cram


~ Paul Mercer ~

Paul Mercer is a pioneer in neoclassical string technique and composition from Atlanta, GA. He has studied the violin for 38 years and began writing music at the age of eight. His work centers on the tonalities of ancient violins and violas, using alternate tunings and drones to create textures not usually associated with the instruments. Recently he has begun work on a work entitled "The Whispering in the Wood" which seeks to pull stories and songs from a series of instruments of the viol family dating back to the 1500s.

~ Bad Unkl Sista ~

Bad Unkl Sista is a performance installation ensemble that combines stillpoint choreography, improvised music, couture costuming, and physical theater elements to produce site-specific experiences that seek to move each witness to a state of extraordinary and memorable being.>

Image credit: Alexander Warnow,>


~ Piny Orchidaceae ~

Piny is a dreamer, an art lover, a passionate and intense performer and a dedicated teacher with a special taste for challenges and breaking boundaries. Born in Lisbon she is a non-conventional performer always looking for new approaches and new understandings of movement. At 17 she finished a 3 years course in Drawing, followed by a year of Graphic Design, while she was finishing her BA in Architecture. Later she finished a post-graduation in Scenography and completed a BA in Contemporary Dance and Creation, while working as an Architect. During all this, she kept dancing. She did her first Bellydance class in 2000 but felt deeply in love with Hip Hop in 2003. In 2006, to express her love for breakdance, graffiti and vinyl records, she founded with her friends a female Hip Hop crew called ButterflieSoulflow. In 2009 she integrated the all styles Hip Hop crew Jukebox Project, where they developed work around Popping, Locking, New Style and Breakdance. With her crews she battled and performed. The passionate and relentless search for new approaches and new vocabularies, led her to travel on a national and international level to learn, listen and understand the different styles. Her main areas of work are Breakdance, House Dance, Lofting, Waacking, Contemporary Dance and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, always as a research lifetime project. As a Contemporary dancer she has choreographed solo and group pieces shown in different national festivals, and has been working as a dancer for several choreographers. In 2012 she founded Orchidaceae Urban Tribal where the Hip Hop background meets Tribal Fusion Belly Dance and Contemporary Dance. She teaches since 2003 in Portugal and from 2014 she started travelling abroad to dance and teach. It’s a journey to continue.

~ Ariellah & Deshret Dance Company ~

Ariellah is a modern international belly dance performer and instructor. She has an extensive dance background that includes strict classical ballet training for 12 years with the Royal Academy of Dance from London. She has studied and performed belly dance since 2001, commencing her training with Janine Ryle of Danse Mahgreb and as a founding member of The Indigo with Rachel Brice. In 2009, Ariellah began training in classical Indian Odissi dance, studying in India at the Shakti School of Dance. Her style infuses many genres of dance, all with a modern dark flavour that is uniquely her own. She is featured on the first of its kind "Gothic BellyDance" DVD and also released her first instructional DVD, with plans for volume two up and coming.  Deshret Dance Company was founded in early 2007 by Ariellah, the company’s artistic director and main choreographer. Deshret’s current collaborating dancers are: Danielle, Amina, Laura, Allison, Scarlett, Alexxe, Paige and Evie. Each of the dancers contribute their individuality and strength to the dance company. DDC applies pressure to the boundaries of Middle Eastern dance and attempts to bring a more theatrical, artistic side to this ancient, highly skilled, art form. Deshret keeps its roots grounded in the traditional technique and movements of Middle Eastern and Tribal Fusion dance and then morphs them into something new and different. Wandering between darkness and light…


~ Shadow Circus Creature Theatre ~

Combining folklore, mythology, Lovecraftian monsters and pop-culture parody, Shadow Circus Creature Theatre has been one of San Francisco’s most popular and outrageous puppetry troupes since its formation in 2000. Using life-sized latex and foam creatures Shadow Circus creates a world that is utterly fantastic, and yet hilariously similar to our own. The troupe was created by puppet-maker and ventriloquist Dave Haaz-Baroque, working with a variety of other puppeteers, actors, variety performers and musicians. Dave Haaz-Baroque’s creations have been featured on the Science Channel’s “Oddities: San Francisco", KOFY TV’s "Creepy KOFY Movie Time" and their short puppet film "Dude, Where's My Shard" was awarded an honorable mention from the Jim Henson company.  To learn more about Dave Haaz-Baroque and the Shadow Circus Creature Theatre, please visit their website at


Emerging from the fringes of west coast bass culture, and the beating heart of the avant-garde theatrical underground - Arcus Tenebrae ushers in a groundbreaking incarnation of sonic fusion and live performance. Hailing from the mountain peaks of Nevada City CA, F’kir Eldercake (of Dreamshovel, Bad Unkl Sista, and Noizshape) has joined forces with Tiare Tashnick a.k.a. NagaSIta of international Temple Tribal fame to create Arcus Tenebrae. This arcane faction of symbiotic experimentation weaves a 5th dimensional tapestry of electronic esoterica, and seeks to redefine living theatre as we know it.



Together Aradia Sunseri and NagaSita join in alchemical heart vision. Creating “Auracle Dance” A Temple Fusion Bellydance Company. Focusing on the esoteric roots of Sacred Dance, this collaboration is created with the intention to inspire the divine within & dance the mythos of remembrance. These internationally acclaimed dancers have joined together to share their artistry through embodiment & sacred activism. In the spring of 2016 Auracle Dance will be launching their first full scale theatre production, inviting in special guest dancers, to weave a grand story of mythological realms, time travel and the bond of sisterhood throughout the ages.  Auracle Dance is accompanied by world renowned musicians such as Sonja Drakulich of Stellamara, Rigzin Tromje and sonic wizardry by Imagika Om and Arcus Tenebrae.

~ DJ Melting Girl ~

Music should make you feel joy, passion or sorrow. With every song she spins DJ Meting Girl looks for the emotion in the song, the power in the lyrics and the way that perfect beat can make you dance every time you hear it. She has been a part of the San Francisco goth/industrial club scene for over 20 years. She is a resident DJ at Death Guild, the longest running weekly gothic/industrial club in the United States.  In addition to her residency at Death Guild she is also the co-founder of Dark Shadows which brings San Francisco a dark place to gather and celebrate the gothic/industrial culture through music, dance, decor and aesthetic. Dark Shadows is a monthly club night which focuses one room on Gothic music and one room on Industrial music. Everything DJ Melting Girl does is a reflection of the dark and spooky lifestyle she has loved since she was a child. 


~ Iris Kandroma and Lisa Hyde ~

Iris Kandroma, the dancer in the void, is a performance artist known for her visceral yet subtly sophisticated works which often explore the subjects of ritual and duality. Lisa Hyde, delicately confrontational dancer and composer of emotionally charged odysseys. United for the first time, they meet at the intersection of blood rites and classical dance, to conjure and transmute the mythos to the sublime."

~ Nicole McLaren ~

International dance artist Nicole McLaren (CH/USA) performs on stages worldwide: In the United States, Egypt, Mexico, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Serbia, Austria, Norway, the Netherlands and South Africa. Over the course of her artistic career, the dancer and worldchampionchip medal-winning Karate Black Belt has fallen in love with one particular type of Middle Eastern dance style: Whirling (Tanoura). For her, this rarely seen dance bears a unique, mesmerizing quality, it paradoxically combines a great calmness with high-paced movement: Whirling as meditation in motion, brought to the show stage as a spectacular art form. In her own, very distinct Whirling style, Nicole blends elements from different cultures and time periods with the ancient, originally Turkish spinning technique in order to create a new, contemporary stage form of the Whirling Dance.  Nicole lives in Zurich (Switzerland) and Los Angeles (USA). In the former, she is the founder and artistic director of her own Whirling troup, the Whirling Wizards. Professionally, Nicole graduated University of Zurich with a Master of Arts in Literature and Linguistics. She has written articles in prominent American and German dance magazines and in May, 2014 won the Halima award, given every other year by the renowned magazine of the same name, for her "outstanding contributions to Whirling Dance". In the same year she was featured in American TV, in the famous Dr. Oz TV show, as Whirling instructor. She is able to whirl for 4 hours continuously. Nicole broke the Guinness World Record (female: 2192, male: 2905) for Most Sufi Rotations in One Hour: She spun 3497 times in 60 minutes.


~ Jennifer Faust ~

Faust began dancing at the tender age of four and was dancing professionally as a ballerina at age 17. Currently, Faust is a member of Zoe Jake's Coven Dance Company and is the Executive Producer and creator of Triptych: Dust, Blood and Water.  Faust has also been a guest dancer with Kami Liddle's Gold Star Dance Company, Ariellah's Deshret Dance Company, Ego Umbra and more.  In addition to working as an oncology nurse, Faust is dancing, training, choreographing, and dreaming of new projects that will push the boundaries of dance and film and movement to places unexplored.


Music resonates with our souls because it knows how to connect with our emotions, amplify our desires and vibrate our hearts. DJ Keyz does just that—with her rhythmic musical selections—by calling to each of us to embrace the dark vibes within all of us. Her musical choices provides a sanctuary for lovers of the night and dancers of the dark. DJ Keyz has been a staple of the Gothic-Industrial-EBM scene for over a decade in California. With DJ appearances spanning from San Francisco to Los Angeles, DJ Keyz has showcased her ever-evolving talents at various pre-eminent clubs such as Death Guild, Dark Shadows, Hexed, Die Maschinen, Das Bunker and Noize Faktory. She also wholeheartedly supports and nurtures the ever-growing scene in her hometown of Sacramento, by being a constant creative and fundamental force within the community. As she looks ahead to Shadow Dance, DJ Keyz hopes her musical style will conjure up beauty in darkness and offer a spooky haven for those that seek that deep connection that her music can create.


~ Tatseena & The Serpent Sirens ~

Tatseena & the Serpent Sirens are honored to be opening the show this year with a ritual improv representing the slow death of self through our fears carried in our DNA, and boundaries we set from silent emotions. Tatseena’s depth, and knowledge along with her creative mind surprise and tantalize her audiences over the span of 4 decades, with a unique blend of styles her theatrical troupe the “Serpent Sirens”  specialize in mystical snake and sword performing each year at the Northern California Pirate Festival, and darker events such as The Pirates Of Emerson Haunted Theme Park. Known for diversity, mixed troupe choreography, live improv, and the ability to morph into characters with a unique theatrical style,  a awarded master in Mid Eastern Dance, As a healing artist/ teacher,Tatseena infuses her spirituality introducing old and new patterns while inspiring dancers to step out of the box. "I encourage students to be true to what is within, fostering their own creativity, for each person has a unique connection to source"  Tatseena writes poetry, produces, and performs at the Dancing Poetry Festival in SF.  Formerly, produced the Belly Dance Fantasy Festival, and Cave Camp rustic retreat, she has danced with rock legends “It's a Beautiful Day” and “Just Cream”, taught belly dance therapy at Harbin Hot Springs, and was a pro-spelunker/ Cavern Naturalist for 19 years starring in a Reading Rainbow show, a natural healer body-worker since 1981, working for Chiropractors, and herself.  A animal rescuer/friend pet sitter, and native Oakland Renaissance woman with great love and respect for the arts and artists.  Catch her at  or FB Serpent Sirens

~ Jenny Atomik ~

Currently living in Seattle, WA, Jenny Atomik lived built most of her aerial career in the heart of San Francisco, CA. When she was not out enjoying the city's misty nights or creating magic on the dance boxes at the goth clubs, Jenny was training incredibly hard at San Francisco Circus Center. While her main focus has been on rope, she built the idea of creating an act on chains a while back from the simple side practice of trying some of her skills out on the playground swing sets. From there, she built an idea of an act from the ground up and went forward with her idea, constantly dreaming of the day when her dream would turn into a reality. That was three years ago until this actual weekend. Since then the act has told its story and has transformed over time. Jenny is incredibly happy to have the act in full form and feels honored to be able to share its story to her fellow family, peers, and supporters of the dark arts.


~ Mavi ~

Mavi is the blue Maven of Mayhem: a fusion belly dance and fire arts performer known for her compelling presence, dark aesthetic, and mastery of blades. She is a sought after international fusion artist, teaching and performing at festivals, cultural events, circuses, and anywhere there's mayhem to be had. An early student of classical egyptian and turkish belly dance, Mavi was drawn to tribal fusion's stylistic strength and the thoughtful fusion of ancient and modern. She began performing professionally in 2002, and changed the face of sword performance in belly dance through her solo work and with the Tribal Fusion duo Romka. A featured performer on the Gothic Belly Dance Revelations DVD by World Dance New York, she has shared the stage with national and international acts, including Peter Murphy, Chebb i Sabbah, Beats Antique, the Dresden Dolls, Android Lust, and Corvus Corax. She also toured as the featured dancer with the internationally acclaimed band Turku. Mavi is also known for her engaging, empowering teaching style, designed to help dancers break out of the box and realize their full potential. Mavi has offered sold out workshops across the world at festivals including Tribal Fest, Gothla, Gothla UK, Elevation, Spirit of the Tribes, Art of the Belly, TribOriginal as well as weekend intensives across the US. Mavi also co-developed and co-produced the monthly DCTribal Cafe in Washington DC, a format of professional tribal fusion showcase that now runs in six US cities. She also pays homage to her love of the speakeasy & vaudeville arts as part of the Moonshine Cabaret.

Master of Ceremonies

~ Loren the Black ~

Three is a Most Magickal Number to Loren the Black... 2016 marks his 3rd ShadowDance as Master of Ceremonies, whose words and songs are thus more brightly Blessed. His Hope- to shine and share his darkest gifts of Light...where the Circle begins again. His mortal form spends time Guarding the Works of the Cincinnati Contemprary Arts Center, as well as playing dead for Band of Pirates (as the Late Dr. Arlington Graves) and the most-photographed vampire *ever* aboard The USS NightMare. Recently his role in the soon-completed UberZombieFrau (as Herr Doktor Larson) has expanded and is slated to be reprised in the prequel...





Eyescream ~ Jewelry to inspire your muse...
Artist Ruby Smith creates ornate totem adornments, implementing various techniques and mediums. She crafts them in moonlight, while most of the world sleeps, etched with metal scribe, painted with delicate bristles, torched in flame, encased in glass like surfaces, embellished with intricate wires, encrusted with pearls and stones, imbued with Vintage remnants of past lives, formed with calloused fingers, and sent out into the world with undying love. Custom and one of a kind Ritual Witchy Jewelry, quartz pendants, Copper Alchemy, Silver Sorcery, Eye Talisman, Bats, Moons, Skulls, Artifacts Macabre, & other dark delights. For Custom Work, you can find the artist at the Eyescream shop @ 3816 Telegraph Ave. Oakland. Tue-Sat 12-5pm.
or find Eyescream Jewelry on Instagram


The Sacred Well is the Bay Area's favorite shop for accurate, heart-opening intuitive tarot & astrology services, beautifully crafted ritual & ceremonial items, sage & incense, high-energy crystals & gems, healing gemstone jewelry, essential oils, purification, attraction, and prosperity baths, hand-blended herbal teas, tarot & oracle decks, locally-sourced artisanal gifts. Our magical family has been growing our business together for 9 years, bringing light, joy and spirit to Lake Merritt/Grand Avenue in Oakland. And soon we will be bringing magic to a second location in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, grand opening is 11/11/16!!! Magic Happens Every Day!



Coming soon...


Old Crow Tattoo & Art Gallery. Oakland's finest tattoo shop and home to artists Bryan Proteau, Evan (ESK) Wilson, Halley Mason, Holi Barahati, Philip Milic, Miahwaska, Sean Gillespie & Sabreena Haque Custom Tattooing, Henna Art and handmade jewelry from local and independent designers.




~ Malvoye Enterprises ~

The Works of Artist Jeremy Burmeister Mirrors
Jeremy’s wall pieces are simple and elegant assemblages created from an endless variety of disused vintage and antique parts, salvaged woods, and found bones. The patina that time and use leave on an object are often highlighted against simple backgrounds in these pieces. Each one is entirely unique as they are made from found ‘treasures’.

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