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~ Monastic ~

Inspired by various spiritual traditions around the world, MONASTIC is a performance ritual conceived by Anthony Jones. After spending many years in monasteries, ashrams, and experiences in shamanism, Anthony combined his love for world religions with his deep connection to religion. Each presentation is different and the experience immerses the audience.


~ DJ Melting Girl ~

Music should make you feel joy, passion or sorrow. With every song she spins DJ Meting Girl looks for the emotion in the song, the power in the lyrics and the way that perfect beat can make you dance every time you hear it. She has been a part of the San Francisco goth/industrial club scene for over 20 years. She is a resident DJ at Death Guild, the longest running weekly gothic/industrial club in the United States. In addition to her residency at Death Guild she is also the co-founder of Dark Shadows which brings San Francisco a dark place to gather and celebrate the gothic/industrial culture through music, dance, decor and aesthetic. Dark Shadows is a bi-monthly club night which focuses one room on Gothic music and one room on Industrial music. If that wasn't enough she also has also partnered with artist Daniel Skellington to create The Haunted Manor Boutique, a shop on Etsy, selling spooky art and decor for your haunted home. Everything DJ Melting Girl does is a reflection of the dark and spooky lifestyle she has loved since she was a child.

~ Frank Farinaro ~

Frank Farinaro is Colorado's premiere touring male bellydancer. For over the past seven years, he has toured both nationally and internationally to teach and perform. A life-long student, Frank has and continues to study numerous dance and movement styles to create his own style of performance and teaching. Described as "athletic artistry," Frank combines foundational dance, respectful fusion, strong athleticism, and emotional expression. He is honored to share his love of art and passion for dance with you.


~ Ariellah ~

Ariellah is an international modern belly dance performer and instructor. She has an extensive dance background that includes strict classical ballet training for 12 years with the Royal Academy of Dance from London. She has studied and performed belly dance since 2001, commencing her training with Janine Ryle of DanseMahgreb and as a founding member of The Indigo with Rachel Brice. Most recently Ariellah began training in classical Indian Odissi dance, studying in India at the Shakti School of Dance. Her style infuses many genres of dance, all with a modern dark flavour that is uniquely her own. She is featured on the first of its kind "Gothic BellyDance" DVD and also released her first instructional DVD, with plans for volume two up and coming. She is also your host and the producer of ShadowDance...

~ Iman ~


Iman from Buenos Aires, Argentina is an international instructor and performer of Dark Fusion and Gothic Bellydance, being the most important pioneering in this style not only in Argentina but also in Latin America. Her deep knowledge of Gothic Subculture, as she has been into this community since early .80s, has allowed her to achieve a very dark personal fusion, finding in Gothic Dark Fusion an unique way of self expression. She has studied Ballet and Flamenco since she was 4 years old till 17 years old, and during the last 13 years has been studying Bellydance, Indian Classical Dance, Bollywood, Hip Hop, ATS/ITS, Tribal Fusin and Yoga. Iman is also professional Astrologer, Tarotist and Numerologist, knowledge that also applies to dance in workshops using also another tools such as Chakras balance, Yoga and Sacred Meditative Dances, this training has been named Mystic Bellydance. Iman has been invited to participate as performer and instructor in many of the most important events of Tribal and Dark Fusion in Latin America She has brought Ariellah for first time to Argentina in year 2010. She organizes and produces the first Gothla in Sudamerica, .Rara Avis. each year, which in 2012 had Ariellah (USA) and Asharah (USA), as main instructors and performers. In its 2nd edition in 2013 Sera Solstice (USA), Bex Priest (UK) were invited. Rara Avis . Gothla AR has developed as one of the most important and great quality events of Latin America, since many professional dancers and students of whole South America choose to attend every year. Besides all this, Iman is founder and director of .The Coven. I.N. Fusion Dance Company, first professional troupe dedicated to Dark Fusion, Gothic Bellydance and Dark Arts of Argentina.
Rara Avis Gothla AR:
The Coven I.N.:


~ Ego Umbra ~


Ego Umbra (which means .Shadow Self.) is a troupe that explores the darker, heavier side of dance movements, musical choice, and aesthetic presentation. The dance style is a fusion of bellydance, contemporary, hip-hop, and the dancers. own unique stylings. The musical choices tend toward heavier music with such qualities as (but not limited to): minor harmonic melodies, distortion guitars and vocals, varying time signatures and a high intensity maintained even in the quieter moments. The group specializes in theatrical pieces that focus exploring the inner self, creating beauty in the unexpected, and finding peace within the bittersweet. Ego Umbra is Raven Ebner, Erin Harper, Keri Langwell and Jennifer Faust.

~ Shadow Circus Creature Theatre ~

Combining folklore, mythology, Lovecraftian monsters and pop-culture parody, Shadow Circus Creature Theatre has been one of San Francisco.s most popular and outrageous puppetry troupes since it.s formation in 2000. Using life-sized latex and foam creatures Shadow Circus creates a world that is utterly fantastic, and yet hilariously similar to our own.


~ Dusty Paik ~

Dusty Paik is a costumier and lifelong dancer hailing from the wilds of Los Angeles. She's been a painter, a wardrobe mistress, an actress, a retail slave, a special effects makeup artist, and an intermittently upright citizen (among other things). With her extensive background in Ballet and Modern Dance, as well as her side forays deep into the worlds of pop-locking, sideshow entertainment, and folkloric dance and music, Dusty brings a highly unique voice to the fusion dance community. She has had the great fortune of having either costumed or performed alongside some of the most interesting and hard-working dancers around, as well as having appeared on the Belly Dance SuperStars DVD, Tribal Fusions. Currently, Dusty is a proud member of Dangerous Beauties Belly Dance, which just wrapped shooting on TWO brand-new instructional DVD.s (which will be coming soon to a Dangerous Beauty near you... She resides in Oakland with an industrial sewing machine named Slayer, an easel that keeps falling over, and a costuming outfit called Snake Church.

~ Electric Vardo ~


Electric Vardo began in 2005 as a Global Gypsy infused multi-faceted performing arts night in San Francisco, and has launched into a touring group bringing live music, dance and DJ culture together in its gypsy-inspired fashion as a travelling show. It is where Electronic Dance Music meets its tribal roots on stage as an interactive visual-aural-body-moving experience where the audience is involved as an extension of the stage onto the dancefloor. Excited to debut some of his new original music, DJ Amar is joined by dancers and musicians to bring a special darkly fused rendition of Electric Vardo Live to Shadowdance. Amar is amongst a handful of DJs whose taste cuts a path through an abundance of musical selections and leads dance floors into a hypnotic sway like snakes before the charmer. In this instance the muse is a masala that brews sounds from the Middle East and Balkans with rhythms of the Asian underground and electric Brazilian vibes. Whether its breaks, bhangra, dubstep, drum & bass or downtempo, the global nature of Amar.s sets bridges a multi-culti span from the world to the Bay Area. As a DJ and promoter, he has collaborated and shared the stage with some of the Bay Area.s & world.s most innovative Musicians, DJs and dancers including Dr. Israel, Maneesh the Twister, Ultra Gypsy, Sharon Kihara, Dub Gabriel, Bassnectar, Freq Nasty, NitinSawhney, Unmata, Zoe Jakes, DJ Dragonfly, Karsh Kale, Beats Antique, Rachel Brice and others. Producer and resident of the bay area.s most eclectic Global Gypsy night ELECTRIC VARDO, Amar regularly performs at SF.s hottest venues with Nonstop Bhangra, Surya Dub, Worldly, Hookahdome, Opulent Temple & the Groove Garden plus other ongoing and special events & festivals in Europe, Canada and across the US - including the newly launched Underground Nomads with DJ Sep, Dulce Vita and ChebiSabbah.


~ DJ Xchrist ~


DJ Xchrist comes to ShadowDance from Batcave Society San Francisco and Club Ignore The Machine. He is a very spooky Bat from the darkest graveyard crypt on the west coast.

~ Cindy Kaori ~

"All your life you live so close to the truth, it becomes a permanent blur in the corner of your eye - and when something nudges it into outline, it is like being ambushed by a grotesque." -tom stoppard, rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead. cindykaori is an aerialist and movement artist. off and on the ground, she explores the gorgeous and raw sensation of letting the heart open with animal intensity.


~ The Displayed Labor Sideshow ~

"The Bay Area's Only Working Circus Sideshow" The Displayed Labors Sideshow has been entertaining and horrifying legions of people for over five years. Combining old school sideshow with an insatiable blood lust, founding members Courtney Crimson and Chi-Kitty hit the bay area like napalm. These two have single handedly set fire to the minds of many with a take no prisoners approach to audience interaction. Displayed Labors is notorious for revealing never before rehearsed acts of danger live and on stage, including their signature performance, "William Tell". Armed with fury and a questionable suitcase, DLS promises to leave scars, not only on their bodies, but in the minds of many. If you have seen them once, you can not get enough. If you have never seen them, you will never forget them. Ladies and gentlemen.... Step into the sideshow.

~ Karmaja ~

Karmaja was born in the shadows, and delights in the darkness... This tribal fusion power-duet features the masterful talents of MarjhaniBellaMorte and her coquettish comrade, MegzMadrone. Tonight's number takes you inside the Convent walls for a peek under the habit. Reverence, reversion, and raunchy redemption ... Karmaja style! Want more Megz and Marjhani? Catch these ladies at the BadAss Dance Festival, Gothla US, Cues & Tattoos, Lumen Obscura, Gothla UK, and more! Karmaja gives our special thanks to the lovely Ariellah for inviting us to be a part of ShadowDance. It is an inspiration and an honor to share this stage with these darkly talented artists.


~ Frederique ~

Frederique (The Lady Fred) is a worldwide avant-garde theatrically based belly dancer, artist, instructor, pioneer, and creator / director of both: Silent Sirens Theatre. and the Black Heart Ballads..

~ Headless Lizzy And Her Icebox Pussy ~

Headless Lizzy & Her Icebox Pussy is a Doomwave band from the dark underground of San Francisco's Bay Area. Created by Zaskia Morgan and M'at D. Stroire (and now encompassing their 3rd member Andy Anathema.) The music is at times loud, fast, and crushingly heavy then moves seamlessly into the realm of electronic Psych-Rock and washes of throbbing noise.


~ Aimee Krasovich ~

Aimee Krasovich counts Ariellah as her primary bellydance teacher and source of inspiration. She has studied under Ariellah and proudly performed for her at Rakkasah, Carnival of Stars, Lumen Obscura, and Pagan Pride festivals. Additional study has come from Jill Parker, Kami Liddle, Zoe Jakes, Rose Harden, Deb Rubin, Suhaila, Samantha Emanuel, and an abundance of workshops. Prior to tribal fusion bellydance Aimee Krasovich is an accomplished jazz dancer and teacher in the bay area. She taught and performed throughout California, with many performances taking her around the world. Her range has been artistic (ellenbauerdance), industrials (Fascinating Rhythm Productions), TV's 30 Seconds to Fame, Holland America cruise line, and lecture demonstrations. Aimee's focus in dance is much like her approach to living. She strives to be emotionally honest and accountable, while never compromising on the work necessary to thrive.

~ Allison Grace-Lewis ~

After becoming the first cadet in Academy history to successfully complete the notorious Kobayashi Maru test, Allison began studying belly dance with Ariellah . Drawn by the combination of imagination, expression and artistry offered by fusion belly dance, she was soon hooked. She has performed throughout the Bay Area with Forlasi, directed by Ariellah. Allison's dance background includes modern, jazz, and cabaret belly dance.


~ Meredith Yayanos ~

Meredith Yayanos is a musican, writer, and Editor In Chief of Coilhouse Magazine & Blog: A Love Letter to Alternative Culture. Recently she and fellow composer Dan Cantrell released an album of haunted chamber music called "A Blessed Unrest" under the moniker The Parlour Trick, which is available on Bandcamp.

Master of Ceremonies

~ Laura Sutherland ~

Laura Sutherland dazzles crowds as a professional MC at all the major Tribal bellydance festivals on the West Coast and beyond - as well as wicked burlesque spectaculars like Stiletto, with stars like Princess Farhana, Margaret Cho and Kelly of the hilarious .Shoes.. If you catch Laura.s infamous Water-In-My-Ear dance tribute to bad cabaret on You Tube, you.ll see why she is a favorite with every crowd. When she.s off the mic, she is creating the change she wants to see in the world one delicious cup at a time with her small green independent business featuring organic, fair trade, and bird-friendly coffees and teas at



~ Black Lotus Clothing ~

Hand Made Couture Costumes, Accessories, & Ready to Wear created by Bay Area Artist Christina Molcillo. Everything is "ONE OF A KIND" and never repeated. The clothing line operates as a stylist for photo shoots, practices photography and sells costumes and accessories.


~ Eyescream Jewelry ~

Dynamic Jewelry to inspire your muse... Artist Ruby Smith creates dark intricate totem adornments and unique art talismans. Adornments & vessels, crafted in moonlight, ancient techniques in modern alchemy, etched with metal scribe, encased in intricate wires, formed with calloused fingers, painted soul in ritual blood. Illustrated & painted original art jewelry & Custom. You are Unique, Beautiful & Bold! Your adornments should reflect that as well. Please see Eyescream Jewelry for more information.

~ Snake Church ~

You have somehow found yourself in the Snake Church....To your right, an altar boy fumes incense. To your left, a tent show revival's congregation is wrestling sidewinders and drinkin' firewater. In the middle at a battered wooden table she sits...Toiling, oblivious, industrious. Her hands fly over her newest piece...Is it yours? Borne of a deep and abiding love for antique textiles, carnival culture, old creaky music and rusty things, Snake Church is the brainchild of one Dusty Paik, costumier and performing monkey. Her work clings gently to the bodies of some of the loveliest dancers in the world, and she is honored by an invitation to display her offerings at ShadowDance 2013. Please see website for more information.


~ Haunted Manor ~

Haunted Manor is a unique boutique offering unusual decor for you & your haunted home.

~ Grey Cat ~

Grey Cat is currently a Sacramento, CA based artist who works in a variety of mediums, mostly painting, pen and ink illustration, skullptures , creature masks, ornamental jewelry comprised entirely from materials found in nature, and other many strange and experimental art forms. The most common reoccurring universal themes explored in his work are life/ death, dreams, mythological archetypes, ancient ruins, cycles of nature, and the darkest and most forbidden realms of the human imagination. Mostly influenced by artists of the old world, he is eternally slaving himself away to many different creative projects at any given time and with many more on the horizon. He currently has plans to release a book of his art in some form or another within the next year.



~ Little Boy Blue ~

After almost a lifetime of working as a desposable cigarette lighter repairman in Europe, Bruce now lives as a hobo in the United States, traveling from state to state, juggling rats, birds and insects for food, and sometimes he can be seen doing cartwheels behind hot dog vendors. During his off season, he enjoys needlepoint work and stage managing.

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